Here at Speed of Sound, we’re happy to announce the addition of our new blog page.  If you’re like many people, you may be wondering what in the world a blog is.  Well, that’s precisely why this page is here, to answer your questions while bringing you inside the world we know best.

Our blog page will be filled with industry-related articles that are of benefit to you, our customers. From in-depth know-hows, to current sound and audio trends, to behind the scenes looks at what goes into replicating a smart key, this page will deliver a variety of content to keep you involved in our industry.

Why would you want to know such detailed information when you have our team dedicated to caring for your needs? Well, because you should understand what you’re investing in. Your vehicle, boat, or other motorsport equipment is an investment and every enhancement you choose is an investment as well. We work hard for our money and should understand where it’s going. With the power of knowledge, you’ll have peace of mind that your choice in remote starters, audio systems and components, or LED lighting is the very best choice for your needs.

We hope that you will check in frequently and enjoy the posts to come! Remember to visit us on Facebook and share your photos and questions.  With a commitment to honesty, integrity, and the highest levels of quality, we welcome your feedback. As always, thank you for your continued trust in Speed of Sound.

We look forward to bringing your vehicle to the next level.

~ Chris Jones, CEO