Think your ride could be amped up with a great audio system? Want to make your commute a little more enjoyable? There are a few components that go into making a car audio system sound better. If your stock stereo isn’t cutting it, Speed of Sound provides the ultimate customer experience to revamp your vehicle. Here’s an overview of the three basics of a car audio system. 


The Head Unit.


This device is probably what you imagine when you think car audio system. The head unit is commonly referred to as the radio or stereo! While that’s technically correct, the head unit is a tiny box with lots of different functions. These days, the head unit typically comes with a CD player, Bluetooth audio, control for media players, and an AM and FM radio. The head unit is the place where you can adjust tone like bass or treble to allow the music to match your taste. 


The Amplifier.


The amplifier is responsible for enhancing your car’s audio signal strength. To move the sound to the speakers, an amplifier increases the power of the audio signal. This is a two-stage process. The preamp is usually something already inside the head unit. It takes the audio signal data from the source and prepares it for the second stage. A stock car usually doesn’t have a separate power amplifier outside of the head unit. A second power amplifier is added to boost the pre-amplifier sound for better quality, depending on the setup. 


The Speakers. 


Time for the fun part! The speakers take the amplified sound signals and converts them into mechanical energy. The vibration of the speaker cone creates the sounds that we want to hear! To get the most accurate range of sound, different types of speakers are recommended. Most cars come with a “full range” sound setup that can’t necessarily produce sounds as accurately as a dedicated speaker can. Subwoofers are large speakers that can reproduce low-frequency and bass sound well. There are also midrange drivers for well, mid-range frequencies. Lastly, tweeters are used for high-range frequencies! 


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Speed of Sound: Audio Experts.


If you’re thinking about upgrading your vehicle’s audio system, Speed of Sound has your back. With an ear for high-quality sound and equipment, we’re here to help you design a stereo sound system that enhances your listening experience without breaking the budget! For more information, visit our website or call us at (603)-766-6666!