Remote car starters are like anything else on the market, constantly evolving. Because of this, the starter you installed five years ago may work okay but may not be offering everything you require. Upgrading your remote starter is not something that most vehicle owners think about, but we’re here to tell you why you should.

One-way is a thing of the past

No one likes having a one-sided conversation. So, why would you want a one-way remote? Although this method of communication is what many of us know, technologies have introduced us to bigger and better. With the 1-way remote starter, you hit the button and hope for the best. If your vehicle happens to be in viewing distance, you have the visual confirmation that your action is in motion.

However, especially with long-range starters, a 1-way remote can quickly prove less than ideal. Imagine this – you’re getting ready to leave work on the coldest day of the year. On the way in, there was precipitation, which has undoubtedly frozen over. You’ve pushed the fantastic remote starter, knowing that your vehicle will be warm, de-iced, and you’ll be on your way home in less than twenty minutes. Until you walk outside and notice that the transmission failed.

Your car is not started, and it’s covered in a sheet of ice, oh joy.

Enter the 2-way remote. Not only does this innovative remote transmit directly to your vehicle, but it also returns a confirmation to you. Long-range, 2-way LED validation in the palm of your hand to bring peace of mind and get you to your destination on time. Although some remotes vary, a 2-way typically provides both visual and audio confirmation that your vehicle is started.

remote car starters

Let’s go back to the topic of range

While short-range works for some, for others, it’s a source of frustration. Whether you reside or work in a building that is far from where you park, the purpose of the remote starter is to get your vehicle running – before you get there. With today’s innovations, you can have confidence that this will happen with long-range remote car starters.

Whether winter or summer, remote car starters come in handy in New England. And, at Speed of Sound, we have the various solutions fit for your needs and budgets. Don’t wait until winter sets in and the lines are long. Now is the time for remote car installation. For more information on the remote car starters offered by Speed of Sound, give us a call today at (603) 766-6666.