Being out of the water is one of the best feelings. Do you like to relaxing on your boat with your family? Is your ideal weekend is to have a group of friends up for the day? Regardless, updating the sound system on your vessel can make a bigger difference than you may thank. At Speed of Sound, we perform boat sound system installations and upgrades with the highest quality options in weather-proof audio. Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your boat’s sound system.


Quality Makes a Difference

When it comes to marine audio quality matters. Having the right system can drastically upgrade your listening experience. When a boat sound system is installed correctly by a team of qualified professionals you receive better quality. This can save you money down the road since these systems will deliver incredible sound quality for much longer.  


Drown Out Noise

When you’re out on the boat, sometimes the engine can overpower sound systems. This means that your music only adds to the loud obnoxious noise. One of the many pros to having an upgraded marine sound system is that you will be able to hear your music over the sounds of boating. Our marine audio systems deliver crisp sound, making all other competing noise fades away!  


Proper Weather Protection

Aside from the sound component, having a boat sound system that is installed professionally can save you from expensive repairs later on. Weatherproof speakers when installed correctly protect not only the audio system but the rest of your boat from water damage. Although you may think that DIY installation is a viable option without the professional training to ensure waterproofing.


Boat Sound System Options with Speed of Sound

At Speed of Sound, we love superior audio output no matter what the platform may be, and we’re here to ensure your listening experience is only the best, no matter where your travels may take you. With the highest quality options in weather-proof audio for your boat sound system, you’ll be enjoying your day on the lake or ocean without compromising sound quality.


If you are interested in one of our boat sound system options, call us today for more information at (603) 766-6666.