Car key replacement is one of those things that most people don’t think about until it’s too late. Whether you’re stuck sitting in a cold car that won’t start or stuck in a parking lot with no means to get into your vehicle – too late is never a good situation. So, instead of being stuck in an otherwise avoidable situation, take note of the following signs that it’s time to consider car key replacement!


Your key fob is glitchy

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with is a glitchy key fob. Chances are, you’ve already experienced this situation. However, the first step is always to replace the battery. Hopefully, this solution works for you! If not, it is undoubtedly time to call in the experts.


The signal strength is reduced or unresponsive

Depending on the type of fob you own, the signal strength varies. Generally, a distance of 50 feet or more is attainable with today’s key options. If you’re noticing the stretch is less than normal, it’s time to (again) check the battery. If replacing the battery doesn’t successfully increase the signal strength, you guessed it; car key replacement may be in your future.


There is visible damage to the key or the fob

While most vehicle owners have fobs, there are still many with traditional keys. If this is you, looking for visible damage and save the day. Sometimes, keys warp, bend, or chip rendering it useless. Without a working fob and a bent key in hand, you can bet that wherever you are is where you’ll stay for a while.


Believe it or not, car key replacement is a more complicated process than simply cutting a new key. However, at Speed of Sound, we make the process simple with the most up to date technology and on-site key replication services. Don’t get stuck paying hefty dealership pricing when our team is only a call away.

For more information on the car key replacement services offered by Speed of Sound, contact our team today by calling (603) 766-6666.