As a premier shop for car starter installation, our team at Speed of Sound has been in and out of the busy season. Although most vehicle owners associate remote starter usage with the winter months, there are several benefits to having a remote starter during the spring and summer as well.

In this article, we’re taking a look at why the off-season may be a better choice for having your starter installed.

Beat the Rush

Remote starter season is right around the corner, and you don’t want to be stuck waiting in line. As the cold weather makes its way into New England, people are beginning to think about the several benefits of having a remote starter. From creature comforts to deicing the windshield, remote starters may also help you locate your vehicle in large parking lots while increasing your vehicle’s safety features. The benefits are wide, but, come October, vehicle owners can expect longer wait times.

As a premier shop for car starter installation, Speed of Sound averages 700 installations between October and January!

Car Starter Installation isn’t Just for Winter

Although the primary installation season is during the winter months, there are several benefits of owning a remote starter during the summer. With several hot days still ahead, not only can you beat the rush, but you can use the benefits of your car starter now!

Let’s face it; there is not one person out there who enjoys burning their legs or arms on the interior of their vehicle. Remote starters are a perfect way to cool hot leather seats and filter out stale, dead air from your vehicle before entering. So, not only will you save your skin, but you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere just as you would in the winter – but opposite. Yin and yang.

It’s Back to School season

Last, but certainly not least, we want to touch upon the fact that several students are headed back to school this time of year. College campuses are huge, the parking lots even bigger. Likewise – you can even relate this to several jobs that require employees to utilize a parking garage or massive parking lot.

With a remote starter, not only can you cool down (or warm up) your vehicle before you get there, but you can also increase the security options. Many remote systems integrate seamlessly or provide their own security system. Although the engine is running, the vehicle is inoperable without the physical key. If a break-in were attempted, an alarm would sound and the vehicle would shut down when a pedal is pressed.

At Speed of Sound, we bring decades of industry experience to our customers. From remote starter installation or premium audio and sound solutions, we’re here to make your vehicle work for you. For more information on the variety of starters available and pricing, contact us today at (603) 766-6666.